abby loves design

This is a small sampling of mostly UI and UX work I've done throughout my career. In addition to the specific projects here, I've worked in many different capacities in technology over the years. I've spent the bulk of my career in-house, embedded in a number of different teams including engineering, UX, web, design, and product. This has allowed me to view the design process through different lenses giving me both a unique perspective and fluency in design communication.

The full set of brand guidelines is a living document, updated based on needs for further definition.

This is one of many mockups created for this project. The design was created by identifying what elements of the original interface caused the most friction and by visually prioritizing the information the readers needed read or scan quickly.

This is the title screen for the game. As much as I'd like to take credit for this beautiful piece of art, it was done by Jamie Mckiernan.

This is a wireframe for the heads up display for Beatniks.

This flow was used to define 'pay to skip' functionality. The engineers asked for a flow chart that covered all cases to ensure that they we're building in the right logic.

This was presented with the original pitch to illustrate the possiblities of a new site. This helped us get stakeholder buy-in.

This was created as a sort of high-level collective empathy map to give us insight about our potential users.

This is a wireframe for one of the pages of the Rock Band World Facebook App.

This is a mockup for one of the screens in the app.

This is a wireframe for the record screen of the app.

This is a map of the non-linear record flow.